Stories of Amazing Recoveries from Brain Injury

Warren Longnecker


On November 4, 1988 my life changes, I had been living and working out in Texas, I was an aircraft mechanic out at Randolf AFB. I worked for Lear Siegler Inc. It was a fun job. But on that day it all changed. I was riding my motorcycle home from work that day not wearing a helmet, when a deer jumped out in front of me when I was doing 60 mph. My bike hit the deer and as soon as it did it went out from underneath me. By the time I was done sliding down the road to a stop, I had suffered a massive head injury and laid in a coma for 6 months. I woke up very slowly over the next two years, but I never gave up, I knew that I was here for a purpose. I had to learn how to walk and talk again, both of which I do by the way. I walk freely and I'm articulate and pretty smart. The key to the whole thing is not giving up, and not feeling sorry for yourself. If you want to see other people worse off than yourself, just look around you. My memory has slowly improved. So just give your recovery time, and don't set a limit on it, I know that I'll be recovering from this until the day I die. Just look at being head injured as a barrier you must climb and get over, And never let it beat you, because if you let it, it will.