Stories of Amazing Recoveries from Brain Injury


My 68 year old wife fell while in the hospital for some colon surgery. The day I was to take her home she fell and hit her head. She sustained an acute subdural hematoma. She was in a coma and I was told by two neurologists she would likely not ever gain consciousness. She looked like they were right with all of the tubes and needles all over her head and she was swollen so badly. I was certain that she would not come out of this alive, but I did not give up. This was thirteen months ago. She is out of the coma and responsive. She will move some with her right hand. She will smile, shrug her shoulders, wrinkle her nose, squeeze my hand, move her feet, and others. She has a trach, PEG, and ostomy. She cannot talk well, but can say her name, She could say more if the speech department would help us more, which they won't because they are saying that the Medicare time has "run out". She is still bedridden. We attend her everyday in the nursing home. The nurses all say that no one has ever given that much attention to a patient in their facility. We primp her with Lancome cream, massages, wash her, play CD music, give her nose drops, eye drops, etc. I have an acupuncturist seeing her as well as a neuropsychologist. I was looking at hyperbarics but could not find a TBI chamber. I am now looking at stem cells. May have a program for her with this. Stem cells will make the difference. My wife may have had a stroke during the craniotomy to take out the clot. She should have been seen by a doctor immediatley, but was put back in bed with a knot on her head and an ice-pack. She was on Coumadin. By the time the neurosurgeon got notice of her it was 12 hours from the time of the fall. Her hematoma was very large and thick, pushing over the brain. The surgeon said that she beat the odds surviving all of the trauma, she had just had a double surgery a few days before this event. Today, thirteen months later, she is responsive and aware- but is pretty much paralyzed and speechless. She has determination and with prayers and determination of our own is trying to get this elementary school teacher back.

Pray for us.