Stories of Amazing Recoveries from Brain Injury

Regine Hevner

January 2, 2006

My 17-year old son Stephan had a horrible car accident on October 11th 2005. He left school with two of his friends to go to the local pizza place. On the way back to school he hit a tree so hard, the engine of his car broke in half. It was a wet fall day and he only had his license for three weeks. His friends were able to climb out of the car unharmed. My son was transported via helicopter to Morristown Memorial Hospital. He was in an induced coma for two weeks, and the Doctors kept telling me that he would probably not survive because his ICP, pressure in his brain was hovering between 30 and 40 for almost ten days. After about ten days, the Doctors said that my son would probably survive, but he had suffered severe brain damage and would probably be a vegetable once he woke up.

It is now January of 2006. My son made a remarkable recovery. He was at the hospital about five weeks and after that he went to the Children's Specialized Hospital in NJ for two weeks, where he made amazing progress. He has a `frontal lobe injury' and is still in outpatient Rehab. I am grateful that his personality has not changed. It is still very difficult, because he and his friends do not understand that he is injured. His Neuro-Psychologist said that he needs to have limits like a 14-year old. He will hopefully be able to go back to school in February. My son beat the odds, and while it will still take a long time for him to recover, I am very thankful that he is alive. My son is a senior at West Milford HS, but he will probably not graduate this year. I am not sure about his cognitive ability, and I also don't know if he will be able to go to college. My son wants to be a teacher, and only time will tell if he will have the ability to go to college. Thankfully, I don't notice any changes in his behavior or personality, therefore I hope that he will make a full recovery.