Stories of Amazing Recoveries from Brain Injury

Cami Mueller


We were on vacation in Las Vegas when, on March 30, 2008, our 12 year old son suffered from an anuerysm. We had no warning signs, no headaches, nothing that day.

We were in Vegas at the Monster Truck show. We boarded our shuttle bus back to our hotel. Our son sat on the bus with our 17 year old daughter, I sat in front of them with our 8 year old son. My 12 year old leaned his head back on his monster truck pillow to go to sleep, he went to sleep and then started to throw up. My daughter yelled to me that he was throwing up and wouldn't wake up. I switched seats with her on the bus and went to sit with my 12 year old. He wouldn't respond to me. He was just like a rag doll. The bus got us to the hotel and that is when my husband came up to see about Randy and he knew something was wrong gathered him up and took him off the bus and we then called 911. We had no idea it would be an anuerysm.

He was taken to the Sunrise Childrens Hospital in Vegas. He spent 16 days in a PICU. His anuerysm happened in the left temporal lobe. He had one surgery to clip the anuerysm and then 4 days later he had another surgery to remove a bone flap and to help relieve pressure in his head. He was then put in a medicine induced coma.

He was flown on April 15, 2008 back to Salt Lake City Utah to go to Primary Children's Hospital, which is closer to where we live. He was only in that last hospital for 14 days. He recovered so quickly and so miraculously.

After he got to Salt Lake, he seemed to improve daily. When he got to Salt Lake he couldn't stand, sit up or speak. But with in 3 days of being there he could stand up (with help), and speak a few words.

It is now the 22nd of September and he is back in school doing well. He is in the 7th grade and has all a's and b's for his grades. He still struggles with some aphasia. But he is a miracle and what happened was the scariest thing to happen to our family.