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  • Alabama brain injury attorney


    If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury in Alabama, let the states oldest existing plaintiff's law firm represent you.
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  • Alaska brain injury attorney


    Committed to the needs of each of his clients, this Alaska attorney has strong ties to the community and always strives for success.
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  • Arizona brain injury attorney


    With over twenty years experience handling serious medical injuries, our Arizona attorney is a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death litigation.
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  • California brain injury attorney


    We have represented hundreds of victims of catastrophic accidents stemming from trucking accidents, aircraft accidents, bus and train accidents.
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  • Colorado brain injury attorney


    Our Colorado attorney representing traumatic brain injuries has an expansive range of trial experience; he has built his reputation in the courtroom for being both aggressive and creative.
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  • Connecticut brain injury attorney


    Our firm in Connecticut is experienced in handling brain injury litigation and is committed to taking on the most complex and serious cases and bringing them before juries.
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  • Delaware brain injury attorney


    Our attorney representative in Delaware will take the time to get to know you, understand your goals and objectives, and guide you through your legal matter to obtain your desired result.
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  • District of Columbia brain injury attorney

    District of Columbia

    Our District of Columbia firm prepares every case for trial to maximize the largest possible recovery for its clients. He has obtained multiple verdicts and settlements in excess of $10,000,000.
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  • Florida brain injury attorney


    A successful trial lawyer for over twenty years, attorney Steven (Woody) Igou, founder of braininjury.com, has, for the past twelve years focused his practice on cases involving traumatic brain injury.
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  • Georgia brain injury attorney


    Recognized throughout metropolitan Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia for its reputation of strong litigation practice, this firm has some of the most talented and experienced trial attorneys in Georgia.
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  • Hawaii brain injury attorney


    Involved with the Brain injury Association of Hawaii as legal counsel, our Hawaii attorney's experience with traumatic brain injury enables him to deal with your case in a respectful and highly proficient manner.
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  • Idaho brain injury attorney


    Our Idaho attorneys are highly effective and experienced professionals who seek to win significant monetary awards for each of their clients, particularly those suffering from traumatic brain injury.
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  • Illinois brain injury attorney


    Our Illinois firm's staff of over forty employees is experienced in both law and medicine, better equipping them to handle your traumatic brain injury case and specific situation with intelligence and skill.
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  • Indiana brain injury attorney


    Our attorney in Indiana has represented clients with traumatic brain injuries for more than two decades. He has a record of successfully representing head trauma clients throughout Indiana and the United States.
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  • Iowa brain injury attorney


    This Iowa firm is committed to protecting the rights of those that have been injured due to the negligence of others. Their dedication lies in pursuing every detail in a case to ensure the best possible outcome.
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  • Kansas brain injury attorney


    Our medical-legal team in Kansas includes injury attorneys who also are doctors, an engineer and a nurse. Our attorneys handle cases of wrongful death and serious personal injury.
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  • Kentucky brain injury attorney


    Our Kentucky attorney has more than thirty years experience as a trial lawyer, with several groundbreaking decisions in his background and is very experienced in litigating brain injury claims.
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  • Louisiana brain injury attorney


    Our brain injury attorney in Louisiana has worked on a variety of personal injury cases, winning numerous multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements for his clients.
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  • Maine brain injury attorney


    Our New Hampshire attorney is dedicated to communicating with their clients, ensuring that they are informed of the best course of legal action in their traumatic brain injury case.
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  • Maryland brain injury attorney


    Our attorney is featured in Super Lawyers and is an adjunct professor of trial practice at the Georgetown University School of Law. He prepares every case for trial to maximize the largest recovery for his clients.
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  • Massachusetts brain injury attorney


    Working in the Boston area for thirty-three years, our Massachusetts attorney has handled hundreds of traumatic brain injury cases. Many of these cases have involved brain injuries that were difficult to detect.
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  • Michigan brain injury attorney


    Working exclusively with personal injury motor vehicle cases and wrongful death cases in the state of Michigan, this firm can provide you with service and experience unlike any other.
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  • Minnesota brain injury attorney


    Our Minnesota attorney has been litigating brain injury claims for over 20 years. His knowledge of medical issues allows him to cross exam insurance company doctors in complex cases.
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  • MIssissipi brain injury attorney


    If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury in Mississippi, this Mississippi native attorney can help you in your personal injury claim.
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  • Missouri brain injury attorney


    The injury attorneys at our Missouri brain injury firm are dedicated to helping you obtain the financial compensation that is necessary to rebuild and restore your lives.
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  • Montana brain injury attorney


    Our Montana firm is a team, with eight trials lawyers for partners, of highly effective and experienced professionals who seek to win significant monetary awards for each of their clients, particularly those suffering from head trauma.
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  • Nebraska brain injury attorney


    The Nebraska lawyer working with you has a vast amount of experience with head trauma; through experiences as a board member of both the Brain injury Association of Nebraska and the Omaha Head Injury Support Group.
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  • Nevada brain injury attorney


    The Nevada legal team has vast experience in the courtroom and will not buckle under pressure to settle a traumatic brain injury claim, unless they are satisfied that the client is being made whole.
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  • New Hampshire brain injury attorney

    New Hampshire

    Our New Hampshire attorney is dedicated to communicating with their clients, ensuring that they are informed of the best course of legal action in their traumatic brain injury case.
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  • New Jersey brain injury attorney

    New Jersey

    Our New Jersey law firm works to develop inventive solutions to meet their client's needs, this firm asks their attorneys to act as legal counsel, strategists and advisors for their clients.
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  • New Mexico brain injury attorney

    New Mexico

    Our New Mexico attorney has created a firm known nationally for its work with plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death cases; this family law firm is ready to assist you with your head trauma litigation.
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  • New York brain injury attorney

    New York

    The lead trial attorney is Boarded Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy, and brings a wealth of experience to the courtroom with a background as an assistant district attorney under Robert Morgenthau.
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  • North Carolina brain injury attorney

    North Carolina

    This team includes one of North Carolina's leading traumatic brain injury attorneys, with years of experience and a record of solid successes; this firm is equipped to handle your case with knowledge, skill, experience and dedication.
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  • North Dakota brain injury attorney

    North Dakota

    With more than thirty-three years of experience in negligence and personal injury litigation, this North Dakota attorney is prepared to represent you in your personal injury case.
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  • Ohio brain injury attorney


    Our legal team in Ohio specializes in representing those with traumatic brain injuries, and understands the importance of superior, personalized legal services and is committed to providing that to each of their clients.
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  • Oklahoma brain injury attorney


    The team gets to know their clients in order to better represent them, seeking to find the best possible solution for each case. With thirty-five years experience, they are well-equipped to represent you with your traumatic brain injury case.
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  • Oregon brain injury attorney


    This firm has placed their emphasis on dealing with catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases; their reputation for success and excellence affirms their ability to handle your traumatic brain injury case with true acumen.
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  • Pennsylvania brain injury attorney


    This law firm works with the belief in giving top rate legal service to each client; they see communication as key to the attorney-client relationship and they make sure that there is someone available to answer clients' questions at all times.
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  • Rhode Island brain injury attorney

    Rhode Island

    Our Rhode Island counsel has long experience representing brain injured plaintiffs. For over 35 years he has represented persons involved in serious personal injury, wrongful death, and traumatic brain injury cases.
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  • South Carolina brain injury attorney

    South Carolina

    The South Carolina lawyers that are a part of this firm have more than one hundred combined years experience; their experienced support staff enables them to better handle each traumatic brain injury case.
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  • South Dakota brain injury attorney

    South Dakota

    Our Sioux Falls-based law firm has earned their reputation by helping all kinds of individuals and are known for giving excellent legal representation to their clients.
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  • Tennessee brain injury attorney


    The Tennessee law firm's focus is on serving the needs of individuals going through some of the hardest months of their lives. They recognize the nature of dealing with personal injuries and understand what customer service means.
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  • Texas brain injury attorney


    This firm has wide experience in litigating traumatic brain injury cases. Many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts have been obtained by this firm due to their skill in litigation and on medical and legal issues.
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  • US Virgin Islands brain injury attorney

    US Virgin Islands

    The lawyer involved in representing traumatic brain injury clients for the US Virgin Islands understands the requirements of personal injury litigation; she founded the Virgin Islands Trial Lawyers Association.
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  • Utah brain injury attorney


    The Utah attorney has extensive experience representing clients that have sustained a traumatic brain injury and has achieved success through hard work and a commitment to upholding personal integrity.
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  • Vermont brain injury attorney


    Our New Hampshire attorney is dedicated to communicating with their clients, ensuring that they are informed of the best course of legal action in their traumatic brain injury case.
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  • Virginia brain injury attorney


    Working for the best interest of the client, our D.C./Maryland firm has received record verdicts and settlements in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Allow this firm to work for you for your brain injury case.
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  • Washington brain injury attorney


    This attorney concentrates his practice on personal injury law and specializes in the areas of traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury cases. His knowledge and experience in personal injury law will prove beneficial to your case.
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  • West Virginia brain injury attorney

    West Virginia

    This entire firm concentrates on representing victims of personal injury. Recognizing that traumatic brain injury is a highly specialized area of personal injury law, they have taken the initiative to educate themselves extensively on head trauma.
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  • Wisconsin brain injury attorney


    With a tradition of excellence and leadership performance unlike any other in Wisconsin, this firm stands concrete in their commitment to providing personal service to their clients from the best attorneys available.
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  • Wyoming brain injury attorney


    Our Wyoming attorney representing traumatic brain injuries has an expansive range of trial experience and has received an "AV" Martindale-Hubbell rating for excellent legal ability and strong ethical standards. more info
  • British Columbia, Canada brain injury attorney

    British Columbia, Canada

    The vast resources and experience of this litigation team has produced multi-million dollar settlements and judgments in cases involving traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries and other disabling injuries.
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  • Ontario, Canada brain injury attorney

    Ontario, Canada

    The firm's focus on serious personal injury cases has led them to a level of expertise and a well-deserved reputation as industry leaders in the legal and medical aspects of neuro-trauma and personal injury litigation.
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